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The Virginia Athletic Council's Press Box is an area of the organization's website designed and dedicated to the highest standards of print and photo-journalism. Its purpose is to be a voice in the athletic community that provides thought-provoking information and independent opinions that examine and/or identify athletic related problems, issues and solutions. The VAC Press Box is dedicated to providing unwavering support and unconditional belief in the athlete.  Additionally, the content in this area shall: 

  • advance the athlete’s understanding and therefore the athlete’s behavior ensuring they are in step with the current athletic environment as well as post-athletic opportunities .

  • examine the values of education and sportsmanship via the governing bodies sportsmanship codes.

  • illustrate examples of self discipline encouraging adherence to a lifestyle that will contribute in a positive way to team effectiveness and citizenship.

  • address opportunities that facilitate the achievement of educational and personal goals for athletes consistent with their interest, abilities and needs.

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