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Sportscenter was my morning news, and Stuart Scott became the familiar voice that still resonates today with nostalgia. Little did I know that hearing his voice in the morning would lead to a bond between my father and I as we shared a love for sports, and more specifically basketball. Between watching my father on the court, attending my own practice, and waiting for Sportscenter to come on with highlights, sports was engraved into who I was. 

Stuart Scott equated to what Sportscenter was to me. Growing up I just knew that ESPN had the show Sportscenter, and Sportscenter had the familiar face and voice sitting at that desk to inform me of who was the best. But in hindsight, it was a connection that was much deeper than what I was aware of then. 

Scott was a pioneer to what we have today. Back in the 90's, he was the man who changed what a sports broadcaster looked and sounded like. He brought out the side of sports that was meant to be captivating and entertaining, but more importantly gave hope to African Americans. There were not many people of the Black community that shared the platform he had on the sideline or in the studio; we only saw them on the court or on the field. He provided personality, but was also true to who he was. 

The brilliance of Stuart Scott can only be reflected by someone such as myself, but I now know he had the indirect influence of guiding me to a career that I aspire to know and love. I will never forget the moment I realized I wanted to work for ESPN as a sports broadcaster, and I vividly remember seeing Stuart Scott on TV and saying that I wanted to do what he did. I knew I wanted to wake up everyday and talk about something I was passionate about. 

As an early child, I did not realize these things, and could not exactly call him by name, but I knew that voice and I knew the gift he possessed. Now on this day of reflection, I will forever respect and appreciate his influence on who I aspire to be as a sports journalist. 

Once I was older I knew that a dream of mine would be to work for ESPN alongside Stuart Scott. Some may call that far fetched, but it's not because I won't make it there, but because he has been called to a much higher position. 

Mr. Scott, If I don't speak for some, I speak for all. You will be missed by all sports fans, athletes, and aspiring sports journalists. Thank you for your service.

"And the Lord said you've got to rise up!" - Stuart Scott                                      


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By:  Ashley Jones

Every day I woke up, got dressed and ate breakfast with my father before I headed to school.  This was a routine that I never forgot as I was challenged as a kid to overcome two clashing voices; one from the radio and one from the TV.  Somehow the voice on the TV always stood out and caught my attention.

"Just call him butter cause he's on a roll!"  The strong enthusiastic voice accompanied by musical riffs became my daily dose of what I grew to love.